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LIFESTYLE BUZZ was started in late 2008 by long time Southern California businessman – Orlando Burgos, as a continuation of his belief that at certain point in one’s life – Re-Invention is a required part of growth; and growth is not necessarily all about money, but growth of spirit, happiness and self-worth.

Never one to sit still for too long, the urge to communicate the idea that life is short and needs to be relished at all times, Orlando came across the new wave in how to talk to the world – Internet Radio.

Today LIFESTYLE BUZZ enjoys a rich diversity of dedicated listeners from all around the world; and this audience is growing at a rapid pace due to popular topics and the easy-going format of the interviews. Chatty and laid-back, the show covers from heady topics, such as Cancer and Diabetes Awareness to Entertainment and the Arts, to business and finance with one goal in mind- To dig deep into the mind of the guests to reach for that magic moment in time when they discovered – The Wake-Up Call.

Simple and un-intrusive, bright and informative – from start to finish there is one factor that permeates the interview – The need to have fun – The need to share valuable information – The need to be of help to others.

In Orlando’s own words – “I want LIFESTYLE BUZZ to be the voice of what I believe is the corner stone of every society anywhere in the world... The middle class – the one’s that work hard, respect law and order, dedicate time for religion and have time for their family and community


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